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The State of the Waste and Resource Recovery Industry in Australia

The Waste Management Association of Australia (WMAA) is the national peak body for the waste and resource recovery Sector in Australia. The waste management sector provides an essential service for Australians. The industry itself is made up of 50,000 people who work hard every day and are passionate about recycling and recovering resources. read more

NSW Waste to landfill levy 2017 – 2018 on the rise

Nearly all states in Australia have some kind of tax on waste going to landfill. The most expensive of these is in NSW, where the Government has a range of policies in place to increase recycling and divert valuable resources from landfill back into the economy. The key economic instrument for greater waste avoidance and resource recovery is the waste levy and is adjusted 1 July each year. read more

NSW Govt helps small companies reduce their costs by encouraging them to recycle more (posted Nov 2016)

A Sydney timber frame and truss manufacturer recently bought two timber recycling bins and received half the cost of them back from NSW Government as part of a program to help small and medium-sized business reduce waste and recycle more. read more

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